Likikiri Collective


The power of self-representation, collaboration, and collective voices


The Likikiri Collective is devoted to the development and promotion of media in South Sudan and committed to connecting media to the economic and social realities of everyday life in the region. We envision an organic media reflective of and connected to people’s struggles, desires, conflicts and hopes. We believe media can contribute to processes of democratization and to this end, we are dedicated to empowering and mentoring Sudanese voices marginalized from national and global media-making. In partnership with other community organizations, we hope to nurture the growth of an independent and vibrant media sector composed of diverse perspectives, including amateurs and citizen producers, as well as media professionals. We also imagine multi-media collaborations, where media artists collaborate with writers, theatre artists and community educators to create installations, shows and events.


Today, South Sudan is rebuilding after decades of war, and the media arts (including photography, audio, film/video production, and the digital arts) will play an essential role in the rebuilding process. Rather than defer investing in media until a period of certain stability, we believe in the importance of building the capacity of media now
* as an educational medium
* as a means for furthering civic dialogue
* as a component of community development and organizing
* as an integral part of outreach and network-building
* as an instrument for regional and global engagement
* as a tool for individual and communal self-definition and self-determination

* as a tool forcultural celebration and peaceful co-existence
* as a method of oral history
* as an expression of artistry, creativity and imagination

We hope to serve as a hub for training and production as well as a center for various initiatives (such as “Returnee Oral History Project,” “Plural Voices Project” among others, including multi-media performances), outreach and education. We also look forward to hosting screenings, performances and festivals.

The Founders

  • Elfatih Maluk Atem
  • Rebecca Lorins